The system…

 The results on this site are provided using Cork Motor Club’s own electronic timing and rally results software.

A custom iPhone app is used at each stage start location to upload the car numbers & times of cars starting the stage in realtime. Electronic beams are also used at the stage start to consistently measure jump starts and flag this to the timing crew and the competitor.

At each stage finish, electronic beams will record the finish time of each car to a clock, and the timekeeper can input the car number which allows this information to be sent via a 3G modem to the results system also in realtime.

Cars are currently timed to the nearest tenth of a second, and the results software will perform the relevant calculations, allowing stage times to be posted automatically to the Results website, often before the competing car has cleared the stop car location.

This allows competitors (and rally fans) to see their time cards replicated in real time online.

This system reduces the human error of traditional results systems where times are transcribed from the competitors’ time cards, and ensures accurate times are posted for all cars. It has proven to dramatically reduce the number of queries, and speed up the process of finalising results.